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Street Eats: Free Coolhaus!

20 Jun


I got an email today about free Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches on Broadway between 50th and 51st, just a block away from my job. I gathered my team and waited on line for about 40 minutes (no shame) for double chocolate and snickerdoodle cookies with Tahitian vanilla bean and cherry swirl ice cream.

Luckily I made it back in time for my meeting, with melting ice cream in hand.

Definitely worth the wait.


Weekend Eats 3/22 – 3/24

30 Mar

I started off eating my way through Brooklyn last weekend and had a refreshing blood orange margarita from Colonie in Brooklyn Heights. Al di la trattoria in Park Slope serves an amazing pot of mussels with a thick slice of bread at the bottom which soaks up all of the delicious broth. On Sunday I fell in love with a new brunch spot on the lower east side…Peels! I got the cob salad and split a “build a biscuit” with fried chicken and avocado. I was in food heaven but my wallet sure did hurt. Image


Say It Ain’t so Ina Garten!

25 Feb

Say It Ain’t so Ina Garten!

This article has an obvious slant, but I agree with it. Everything that Ina has stood for in my mind (classic dishes, empowering the home chef, being fabulous) is completely lost on a line of frozen meals at Walmart and Safeway.


Ground Turkey Tacos

10 Feb

Ground Turkey Tacos

I have been trying to make my beloved tacos healthier and made a version of my friend Marjorie’s turkey tacos. Lean ground turkey with a packet a of taco seasoning and more than a couple dashes of hot sauce. Warm the tortillas in the oven…pre-made fairway salsa…lettuce…cheese…done. The most labor intensive part was the guac!

Junk Food Friday

3 Nov

I tried a new diet during the month of October…a 30 day financial diet. One of the toughest rules was to bring my lunch to work every single day. Now that I have saved close to $1000 I decided to loosen the reins a bit and enjoy a really bad but oh so good meal on Fridays.

This Friday, CHIPOTLE!!!

Call it fake Mexican, bad for you, good for you or what have you. I love it. I’m a self proclaimed addict and probably enjoy it more now that it’s a once in a while $9 dollar treat. I usually get a steak bowl with black beans, extra pico de gallo, medium salsa, cheese and lettuce. I can already hear you saying “What about the sour cream?” or “No guac?!” I like to keep it nice and simple friends. The only downside of eating Chipotle for lunch is the inevitable food coma that follows.

Happy Friday.

Food Filled Weekend: June 30th – July 1st

2 Jul
  • Amazing grilled cheese at Earl’s
  • Made shrimp and chinese sausage fried rice
  • Wandered through the organized chaos that is The Essex Street Market
  • Stumbled upon Beecher’s Handmade Cheese (their cool Cellar bar) and watched them make cheese!

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Above 96th

17 Jun


Although I’ve been living in East Harlem since 2010 I have dabbled but not yet truly explored the restaurant scene. Terrible, I know. Most of my friends live downtown, I work in midtown…excuses excuses.  In an effort to enjoy my barrio even more I’ll be concentrating my foodie energies above 96th. Stay tuned.