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Food Revelations

7 Jul

It’s 99 degrees in NYC right now. I got in a 4mile run at the crack of dawn when it was still relatively bearable to be outdoors, but now I am camped out in front of my AC, black cherry seltzer in hand and watching the Food Network. #thisisthelife

But I digress…The fast food workers of Reddit are telling us exactly what to order and what to steer clear of at our favorite grease chains. A lot of the information is not new, but some of it is disturbing. Here’s a quick excerpt from the message board,

“I don’t work there anymore and things are probably different now but when i worked at McDonalds i accidentally left a whole bag of about 100 chicken nuggets out on a counter for way too long.

They melted. Into a pool of liquid. I never understood why. But they were completely indiscernible as being the nuggets i once knew.

Had to make myself a twenty piece just to get over the sight of the nugget pool. Still delicious.”

WOW. Still delicious?! Do they put crack in the nuggets? Does crack melt?? I have too many ridiculous questions but you can read the comments about what’s in the Wendy’s chili, sandwich artists at Subway, and the fries we all love here.


The Reading List

7 Jul

Rise of the Supermarket Wedding Cake

21 Jun

Who doesn’t love a supermarket cake? I remember cakes from Pathmark and Costco being a staple at kiddie birthdays, BBQs and graduation parties back in the day. They were never fancy but they were damn tasty. Supermarkets are now training their staffs to learn more intricate techniques in order to compete with über expensive cakes from bakeries. Would you actually get one for your wedding and cut your cake costs by 75%? #recessionspecial

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Foie Gras Banned?

9 Jun

Who cares about Bloomberg threatening to get rid of super sized sodas when foie gras will be banned in Cali?! Californians have until July 1st to get their fill.

Al Jazeera has the scoop.

Is Paula Deen Falling from Grace?

20 Jan

My beloved Paula is in hot water! I thought the Southern Belle could do no wrong. On one hand I understand celebrities trying to keep parts of their lives private. On the other hand I must agree that waiting 3 years to announce your diabetes and then becoming the face of a diabetes drug is slick. The issue I have is that Paula knowingly aired cooking shows highlighting butter, sugar and fat after she was diagnosed. Only time will tell if her brand suffers. According to this Grub Street article it will.

Chewing the Fat: Paula Deen Attack Stories Show No Sign of Slowing Down — Grub Street New York.