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Weekend Eats 6/12 – 6/14

1 Jul


Will travel for food…one of my mottos in life. I am so lucky to have friends who live by the same creed. Ha! I read reviews about MP Taverna in Astoria, Queens and decided to use my summer Friday to take the hour plus trip from East Harlem in order to explore Michael Psilakis’ take on traditional Greek fare.

We started with a warm octopus salad, grandmas meatballs and chickpea dip. The octopus was grilled to perfection and the combination of the charred bits, dill, lemon and onion was delicious. Grandmas meatballs were the lightest meatballs I have ever had. It was as if someone filled them with air. The dip was good, nothing to rave about but solid. We stayed with the seafood theme for our mains and ordered the dourade and the grilled prawns. Both were amazing!

At first I wondered if I should have opted for a hole in the wall Astoria restaurant versus the fancier place, but my taste buds were so happy that we went with MP Taverna. I will be back!

P.S. I made a summer corn salsa with red onion, jalapeño, cilantro, the juice of 2 limes and salt. Yum!


Birthday Dinner at Felidia

13 May

Suz and Jon took me out to dinner at Lidia Bastianich’s Midtown East Restaurant Felidia for the big 26. We went all out and ordered the Chef’s Tasting Menu for an exorbitant amount of money. It was so worth it. Dinner play by play below.



Tutta Cruda – Salmon, Tuna, Branzino


Coppa & Sliced Pork



Pear and Pecorino filled Ravioli (I thought that I’d hate it and it ended up being my favorite thing on the menu.)


Porcini Pappardelle with Braised Moulard Duck and Mushroom


Ravioli in an espresso sauce




















Braised beef over white beans with fried kale





















Warm drunken pear with ice cream (I just renamed the dish)


Chocolate mousse


An assortment of biscotti, apricot jam cookies, and pistachio cookies (I died after eating the pistachio cookies, then asked for more.)

Cheers to 26 more years of meals like this one!

Winter Restaurant Week 2012

23 Jan

Rejoice and be glad. It’s restaurant week in NYC! Dining out for restaurant week feeds my soul like going to church on a Sunday.  Holy prix fixe!

This week Suz and I ventured to David Burke Kitchen in Tribeca. See our dinner play by play below:

Bar: While we waited for our table to be ready we each ordered a Spiked Warm Apple Cider. The drink was good, but the best part was the napkin. David Burke helps you pick people up at his bar. Genius.

Appetizers: We started with the lobster soup. The broth was good, but the dumplings were heavenly. You got the clean taste of lobster with an aromatic herb flavor and the slightly chewy dough. Best part – the handle of the dumpling was a lobster shell, further infusing them with deliciousness. Our second appetizer was a pretzel crab cake topped with red pepper marmalade. It had nothing on the dumplings.

Main courses:

– Black sea bass with tomato miso puree, radish and carrots

– Braised short ribs and cavatelli. The short ribs were rich and tender. I definitely recommend ordering them.


– Smoked Beef Fat & Jalapeno Fries

– Mac and Cheese with an herbed panko topping

Yes, we ordered both the fries AND the mac and cheese. We go hard.


– Chocolate Cheesecake Bar

– Cakepops

– Cookies

– Chocolate Truffle Bar

We closed the place down and they had to roll us out and into a cab. Great night.

Crab Boil!

11 Jan

I subscribe to foodie restaurant news, special dinner alerts etc. and got information about a crab boil on the upper west side. (Who knew that crab boils were hosted on the UWS?!) My foodie partners in crime Suz and Jon were beyond thrilled to join me in eating myself sick with unlimited buckets of crabs.

Take 1

We arrived at Ditch Plains but alas, the chef did not like the batch of crabs that he received that day and cancelled the crab boil. Since they felt really bad after seeing the sad looks on our faces, the chef decided to create a tasting menu on the house AND invited us back for the next crab boil. Score! We dined on steamed mussels, lobster mac and cheese, crab dip, roasted oysters 2 ways, about 5 other dishes that I can’t remember and our fave – deviled eggs adorned with fried oysters. Heaven.

Take 2 –

When we arrived the Ditch Plains staff definitely knew us. I mean, how could you not remember 3 people gushing over every plate on the table and then sitting in your restaurant damn near comatose until closing time? We immediately suited up – bibs on, newspaper spread, crackers and mallets in hand.

The laid-back surfer theme is refreshing and the service is amazing.