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Junk Food Friday

3 Nov

I tried a new diet during the month of October…a 30 day financial diet. One of the toughest rules was to bring my lunch to work every single day. Now that I have saved close to $1000 I decided to loosen the reins a bit and enjoy a really bad but oh so good meal on Fridays.

This Friday, CHIPOTLE!!!

Call it fake Mexican, bad for you, good for you or what have you. I love it. I’m a self proclaimed addict and probably enjoy it more now that it’s a once in a while $9 dollar treat. I usually get a steak bowl with black beans, extra pico de gallo, medium salsa, cheese and lettuce. I can already hear you saying “What about the sour cream?” or “No guac?!” I like to keep it nice and simple friends. The only downside of eating Chipotle for lunch is the inevitable food coma that follows.

Happy Friday.


Happy Halloween!

1 Nov

Hurricane Sandy has struck here in NYC so I’m cooped up in the house and looking for the scariest Halloween recipes I can find. Got one! When I saw the below photo I literally cringed. Not sure if I’d be able to actually take a bite but they look amazingly sick and fun! Try handing these out to the trick or treaters…

Get the recipe from Texanerin here!