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Late Night Eats: Snack Dragon

14 Aug

What do you call a hole in the wall taco shack, open till 4 am, with a streetside window? Snack Dragon!

While it isn’t the best taco you will ever have, SD has a cool vibe, fresh ingredients and it totally hits the spot when you are stumbling around the LES and need to feed that liquor. The menu is simple and straight forward. My favorite is the grilled sole taco.

I also love looking at all of the random tchotchkes while I wait.

Besides the grilled sole I’ve tried the Slayed Dragon (pork), pollo verde and carne asada. Great flavors in all three and the blue corn tortilla has an interesting texture and flavor. The only downside is after one bite the whole thing falls apart…not an ideal situation but at $3 a taco, I’m always back for more.


Food Finds: Moroccan M’Smen

14 Aug

I’m admittedly late to most things, but NEVER late to brunch on the upper west side. Arriving 30 minutes early and strolling through the 79th street Greenmarket is one of my favorite things to do.

Hot Bread Kitchen gave out samples of Moroccan M’Smen, a buttery and flaky flat bread. I tried it the traditional way with a drizzle of honey but thought that it could be just as good in a savory preparation. The wheels started turning and I made a yummy breakfast a few days later.

I got the idea to create an open faced breakfast sandwich with ingredients that I had in the fridge.

Nothing like a Corona to help you cook 😉

This turned out to be a great one pan dish. After cooking the eggs, I warmed and crisped some ham, then put the M’smen in the pan to get warm. Layer your ingredients and go to town!

If you’re on the upper west side try some M’Smen or other great breads. Hot Bread Kitchen preserves baking traditions from around the world and creates opportunity for immigrant women. It doesn’t get any better than cooking and eating while helping a great cause!