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Food Revelations

7 Jul

It’s 99 degrees in NYC right now. I got in a 4mile run at the crack of dawn when it was still relatively bearable to be outdoors, but now I am camped out in front of my AC, black cherry seltzer in hand and watching the Food Network. #thisisthelife

But I digress…The fast food workers of Reddit are telling us exactly what to order and what to steer clear of at our favorite grease chains. A lot of the information is not new, but some of it is disturbing. Here’s a quick excerpt from the message board,

“I don’t work there anymore and things are probably different now but when i worked at McDonalds i accidentally left a whole bag of about 100 chicken nuggets out on a counter for way too long.

They melted. Into a pool of liquid. I never understood why. But they were completely indiscernible as being the nuggets i once knew.

Had to make myself a twenty piece just to get over the sight of the nugget pool. Still delicious.”

WOW. Still delicious?! Do they put crack in the nuggets? Does crack melt?? I have too many ridiculous questions but you can read the comments about what’s in the Wendy’s chili, sandwich artists at Subway, and the fries we all love here.


The Reading List

7 Jul

What’s for Dessert or Breakfast? Blueberry Yogurt Cake

7 Jul


Bessert? Dessfast? Yeah, I’m not too good at creating combo names, but this breakfast + dessert cake looks heavenly. I imagine having a slice with my morning coffee, or nibbling on a piece after dinner. Once I buy some chopped walnuts and restock my greek yogurt this cake is getting made…and eaten quickly thereafter 😉

Shutterbean has the recipe.

Food Filled Weekend: June 30th – July 1st

2 Jul
  • Amazing grilled cheese at Earl’s
  • Made shrimp and chinese sausage fried rice
  • Wandered through the organized chaos that is The Essex Street Market
  • Stumbled upon Beecher’s Handmade Cheese (their cool Cellar bar) and watched them make cheese!

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Above 96th: Earl’s Beer & Cheese

2 Jul

To kick off my Above 96th Street Food Series, I decided to try Earl’s.


Earl’s is a tiny gem on Park Ave between 97th and 98th. It probably seats 12 people max between the communal table and bar stools around the perimeter. It’s a very laid back, homey feeling place with a short menu that is executed really well. Cash only!

We started off with the beer cheese…delish. Beer cheese is pretty big in Kentucky. It’s usually cheddar based processed cheese to which beer and spices such as garlic and dried mustard are added. Toasted bread with garlic cloves for rubbing followed by a good smear of beer cheese hit the spot.


Here comes THE grilled cheese. I’m talkin’ NY State Cheddar, Pork Belly, Kimchi, Fried Egg on Sourdough grilled cheese.

Close up!


The bread was perfectly toasted and the pork belly was succulent. I was very skeptical of the kimchi but it provided a little heat and a good textural contrast to the soft egg and chewy pork belly. The only downside was that the kimchi made the bread soggy. Oh yeah. Can’t forget about the beer…Cheers!